Head Office: 6616 Ellis Rd, Cambridge, ON

Collectrite Credit Bureau Collections located in Cambridge Ontario is a Collection Agency focused on providing results in the collection of bad debt.

  • Litigation Service Partnership

    A mutual-services agreement with a civil-litigation law office Christensen Law Firm enables us to provide litigation services to recover bad debts other collection services cannot.

  • Professional Licensed Collectors

    Our friendly and dedicated staff are trained to initiate dialogue with the debtor resulting in fast dispute resolution as well as higher recoveries. If the debt is not resolved voluntarily and your customer has the ability pay, we work with Christensen Law firm to enforce payment through the court system.

  • Continual Top Recoveries

    Our recoveries are continually higher than our competitors in all collection categories, resulting in lower bad debt expenses for you.

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Providing Reputable Collection Services Since 1947

Collectrite Credit Bureau Collections is an Ontario Collection Agency focused on providing results for companies in need of collecting delinquent accounts. Our dedicated, friendly staff of licensed collectors provides a professional and effective service to ensure your best interests are being served while maintaining the credibility and reputation of your company.

A mutual services agreement with Christensen Law Firm, a civil-litigation law firm opened in 1993, enables us to provide litigation services in Small Claims Court, Superior Court and appellate courts.

Collectrite Credit Bureau Collections provides a customer service department, assigning each client their own personal consultant who you can address any issues or concerns that may arise. Your client consultant will give you updates on your accounts, provide progress reports, and place new files for collection.

Litigation service partnership, professional licensed collectors, and top recoveries make Collectrite Credit Bureau Collections a partner you can count on to recover your delinquent accounts. For more information on our services or to submit a claim, please contact us by phone at 519-654-7350, or use our on page form and have a member from our customer service department contact you.